PESCALEX Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Technology(LLP/LdV/TOI/2008/IRL-509)

Author: Margaret Eleftheriou

01 1 2009

The PESCALEX partnership has been awarded a follow-up to its successful first PESCALEX project.

The aims of PESCALEX 2 are:

1)To transfer the PESCALEX materials to wider ge

PESCALEX 2 Startup meeting Dublin 16-18 Nov 2008

Author: Margaret Eleftheriou

04 4 2009

The Startup meeting, held one month earlier than scheduled got off to a flying start with all partners present and all PESCALEX 1 materials pre-circulated. In addition, each partner was given a PES


Author: Margaret Eleftheriou

06 6 2010

It is with great sadness that we heard of the early death of Professor Ibrahim Okumu of the University of Rize in Turkey.

Those of us who have worked with him knew him, not only as one of


Author: Margaret Eleftheriou

11 11 2010

March 8 2009 University of Crete, Greece

The Coordinator, Mrs Margaret Eleftheriou, gave a presentation of the PESCALEX project and Language Game at the 1st international Conference on Lang


Author: Margaret Eleftheriou

01 1 2010

Group photo Crete.JPGSeptember 5-8 Progress Meeting in Cretaquarium, Crete, Greece

Most int

PESCALEX Interim Report

Author: Margaret Eleftheriou

21 21 2010

The PESCALEX 2 Interim Report, submitted in February 2010, was accepted on 19th March, thus enabling the second tranche of the budget to be released.

PESCALEX at the EAS, Porto, Portugal Oct 6-9 2010

Author: Margaret Eleftheriou

28 28 2010

An event at the EAS meeting in Porto that drew the crowds was the trialling of the innovative online Diagnostic Tool for fish diseases in Turbot by its developer, Greek firm AQUARK. More than 100 t

PESCALEX 2 progress meeting in HAKI Szarvas Hungary

Author: Margaret Eleftheriou

31 31 2010

New Development of Language Game

The Progress meeting which took place in the Research Institute for Fisheries, Aquaculture and Irrigation (HAKI) centre was particularly important for the P